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About Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is where the Hot Yoga revolution began

Bikram Yoga Beginner's Series

A Bikram Yoga class is 90 minutes, consisting of a standing series and a floor series. The postures (asana) are done in a set sequence. This is correctly known as the Bikram Yoga Beginner's Series. The postures don't change because the sequence is designed to provide a wide range of therapeutic benefits.

Heating the yoga room started in the late-60's and early 70's in Japan and Hawaii. Bikram simply brought heaters into the room to combat the cold when practicing early morning classes - finding that practicing in the colder times of the year was detrimental to a safe yoga practice. This evolved over time to become the staple of the traditional 26&2 Bikram Hot Yoga class.

90 minutes was chosen because 60 minutes was considered too short for a therapeutic hatha yoga practice. Even the 90 minute sequence was considered a compromise to placate western demands.

The Bikram Yoga 90 minute sequence was developed to give maximum benefit to the body and mind, including flexibility, stamina, strength, energy levels, mental focus and clarity and bring the human body back into a natural state of equilibrium.

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Today there are many hot yogas on offer. We believe the more yoga the better, and we embrace that. We also believe it is important for practitioners to know and understand what type of yoga they are doing and that all styles of yoga remain true to their tradition or modern invention.


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Bikram Yoga Finder, Melbourne, Logo
Bikram Yoga Finder, Melbourne, Logo
Bikram Yoga Finder, Melbourne, Logo
Bikram Yoga Finder, Melbourne, Logo Instagram Link for Bikram Yoga Finder